First 7 days on the GAPS Intro Diet: my personal reflections

One of the things I’ve read about (and noticed in my own patients) is that children can heal very rapidly on this diet while adults take longer. That being said, I noticed some changes for the positive in my own health on the first 7 days of GAPS Intro.

Positive changes:
Chronically dry eyes (secondary to inflammation issues) have dramatically improved. It is SO nice to read and not have painful eyes afterwards!
Stiff/sore joints in the morning are much improved.
Chronic gut pain has improved dramatically.

I am also enjoying clearer thoughts and memory and have more focus and energy, as well.

Interesting changes:
I have also lost 7 pounds. (note: this is NOT a healthy or desirable rate for weight loss although I do believe most of it is water weight from inflammation reduction.)


Moodiness on the first three days of the diet: may have been secondary to detoxification and/or the fact that I was just so darned hungry all of the time. Now that I have moved on in the diet and am eating more variety my mood has definitely improved.

My husband is following the diet at home (but not at work, and heaven help me if I were to ask him to give up coffee!) and says he’s noticed he’s feeling slimmer and his joints are less painful.

All in all I am calling the GAPS Intro diet experiment a success thus far.

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