Changes for Dr Corinne and Herbal Medicine for Kids

I am very excited to announce that I’m going to be the head of the pediatrics department at SageMED in Bellevue, WA starting 7/1/14. I have really loved working at Laurel Natural Medicine these past few years and am very much looking forward to bringing naturopathic pediatrics to Bellevue!

My newest blog post is about using herbal medicine for children, what to watch out for and some great herbs to have at home to help them with minor colds and tummy aches and the like:

Herbal Medicine for Kids: 5 Things to Be Aware of When Using Herbal Medicine and 5 Herbs to Use at Home

I’d love to hear about your favorite herbal medicine you use with your family.  One of our favorite summer time treats is peppermint/licorice tea popsicles. Delicious!