Episode 3 of How to Live a More Healthy Life (Finding Time to Exercise Edition)


How to get over “I don’t have enough time” syndrome.

So yes, many of us are very busy. But here’s the thing. Everyone, that’s right, everyone has 168 hours in his or her week.

So that means what? It means that instead of “I don’t have time” what you mean to say is “It’s not a priority.” What IS the priority? I have noticed that for a lot of us things like cleaning, ‘puttering around the house’, shopping and television become priorities because we aren’t paying attention. Do you really need to watch 6 hours of television a day? Do you really need to organize your spice drawer again? Is looking at the Old Navy catalog for the nth time really that important? What if we kicked taking care of ourselves up the priority ladder?  I did a time management diary for myself a year ago and I was surprised at where I was spending a lot of my time. I used that information to re-prioritize things.

I rediscovered 2 hours a day that I had lost to things like checking Facebook and watching television I didn’t actually like. And 2 hours: that adds up! 14 hours a week of potential!

‘Finding’ extra time in your day creates a whole new horizon of possibilities.

Do we really not have time to get in 30 minutes of exercise a day? Especially when we can break up the exercise time into smaller increments? Let’s say you shortened up your morning routine by making sure you had a launch pad with clothes set out for the following morning, your keys, your bag for the day, your phone all charged up and ready to go. I have just found 20 minutes (at least) of time for you. Time that you can use to go for a brisk walk or do some sun salutations.

And then what about lunch time? Use that time! Take 15 minutes before you eat to do a brisk walk and then eat. I know most people are a bit ‘blah’ after work, but if you make yourself a ritual where you shake off the rest of the day and take back your after-work-time you will be amazed at the way things can open up for you. Try a little mantra as you close things down at work for the evening: “This work is done and now I get to focus on myself. I deserve to have a balanced life.” Or maybe you put on a particular beloved song as you drive away from work: do something to make a definitive line between work and the rest of your life. Perhaps you go from work to the climbing gym a few times a week, then eat something you whipped up in the crock pot that morning when you get home. Maybe everyone in your family goes for a bike ride or has a 20 minute dance party when you get home.

If you are ready to start an exercise routine but haven’t been exercising regularly it is a good idea to meet with a doctor to get checked out beforehand. Please schedule an appointment with me today and we will get you on your way to a healthier, happier you!