Episode 2 of: How to Live a More Healthy Life (Energy to Exercise Edition)

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Exercise: it is great for all sorts of things. Things like better brain function, heart health and gut health. But what do you do when you just don’t have the energy to exercise? It is very hard to start a health program when you are not used to exercising, are ill or chronically fatigued. First things first: you need to go to your doctor and get cleared for exercise. This may entail getting a physical or even getting a stress test done to check your heart health. DO NOT start an exercise program if you are not used to exercising without...

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Fantastic, Filling and Fast Whole Food Breakfasts

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Fantastic, Filling and Fast Whole Food Breakfasts

Hello everyone!  As a naturopathic physician I was trained with the understanding that we are what we eat and all disease (and health) begins in the gut. With these ideas in mind I would love to talk about breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people skip this most important meal, though. This may be because you ran out of time, in the interest of reducing calories, or because you’re just not hungry. One of the best ways to trigger your body’s hunger response is to have some bitters or lemon water. In...

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SNAP Challenge (aka Food Stamp Challenge) Week

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My family is undertaking the SNAP Challenge this week. The rules for the particular challenge we are doing are as follow: 1) Each person should spend a set amount for food and beverages during the Challenge week. That amount is: Household size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Food Stamp Challenge Daily Budget $7 $12 $18 $22 $26 $32 $35 $45 * Note that the daily budget amount per person goes down as the number of people in the household increases. This per person amount is based upon SNAP benefits given in the state of Washington currently. 2) All food...

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Omelet Muffins

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You over slept. Your child is refusing to put her clothes on. You lost your hairbrush. You can’t find that miniscule zip drive that has your presentation on it. These and many other reasons stand between you and breakfast every morning. When it seems like Murphy has set up shop at your house just pull a couple of these omelet muffins out of the fridge, pop them into the toaster oven, pour yourself a glass of raw milk and have a delicious, nutritious breakfast in spite of your frantic morning. These are also good for lunches and more...

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Doctor Corinne’s Sauerkraut Recipe

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One of my Facebook followers asked for my sauerkraut recipe when I mentioned I was making a bottle of sauerkraut in preparation for the SNAP Challenge my family and I are doing starting Saturday the 20th. In a nutshell, we are going to try to eat for an entire week on just $29.49 per person. For our family of three that is a little under $90 for the whole week. I am amazed at how much work is going into planning all of this so I can still feed my family whole, nourishing meals. I will try to post more about it here, but you can follow along...

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Grain Free Bread: Almond or Pecan

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One of the things that we miss the most on the GAPS diet is bread. We have remedied this by making bread from various nuts. I don’t suggest eating tons and tons of this bread because it is expensive to make and too much of anything is not recommended but it is super delicious. So I based my first recipe off of the recipe in the GAPS book by Dr Campbell McBride. The first loaf of bread I made came out really flat and kind of hard and bland. I actually ended up adding juiced pineapple to the batter before even making it, but it still was a...

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Personal Observations Thus Far

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We are hanging out a stage 3 of the diet right now while I wait for the juicer I ordered from Amazon to make its appearance at our house. We are all very excited about the idea of fresh juice!                                                                    With the introduction of nut butter pancakes to our diet I have run across my first significant sensitivity to foods: peanut butter gives me stabbing pains in my gut and makes my mouth itch and I break out in hives in the back of my throat. I’ve...

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Stage 3 of GAPS Intro

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Stage 3 includes: Additions: -ripe avocado (introduce with just 1-3 teaspoons mashed into soups, gradually increase the amount as you become accustomed to it) -nut-butter pancakes (I will post the recipe separately) -scrambled eggs with plenty of ghee or animal fat -homemade fermented vegetables (start from a small amount and gradually increase to 1-2 Tbsp for every meal) -foods from Stage 1 and 2 of the Intro

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Recipe for GAPS Intro Stage 2 Stew and Mashed Cauliflower (Faux Shepherd’s Pie!)

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This stew turned into something resembling Shepherd’s Pie is a -huge- hit around our house. We have really been enjoying the mashed cauliflower on its own or with other meats as well. I took some of the mashed cauliflower with me for lunch the other day with some zucchini and chicken drumsticks. It’s even good cold. Recipe for stew that is Stage 2 approved: 1 pound ground meat, 15 cups of raw vegetables (this may include: carrots, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, kale and other stage 1 approved veggies) and as much...

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GAPS Intro Stage 2

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Stage 2 of the Intro! One of the things to note is that you move through the stages as you are personally ready to. Additional foods that are added with Stage 2: -raw egg yolks from pastured chickens (add to hot soup or broth before eating) –soft boiled eggs (whites cooked, yolks still runny) –stews and casseroles -increase the amount of juice from your fermented vegetables in your soups/broth -fermented fish -homemade ghee -All other foods you have been eating on stage 1 of the diet. The things I am most excited about regarding...

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